We are a team dedicated to moving your dreams and great value personal effects
We move by air, land or sea, national and international depending on your needs. We have a fully trained staff in accordance with international standards. We pack up your goods with quality materials, manufacture wooden boxes for any type of artwork or fragile items. We conduct a detailed inventory to simplify customs procedures and provide security in deliveries.

Our services are door to door and we have the support of our logistics staff that will assist you step by step in the transfer process in order to give to you confidence and support.
Our services are door to door and we have the support of our logistics staff that will assist you
step by step in the transfer process in order to give to you confidence and support.

Local Moving

We pack fragile items such as artwork, paintings and glassware. We protect your furniture with wool blankets and provide safe methods of transport. The delivery to your new residence includes unpacking.

Vehicles & Boats Moving

We move your vehicle or boat anywhere in the world by sea or land; we take care of all the necessary documentations and the required logistics for such cases.

Commercial cargo

No matter the size of your freight, whether it be consolidated or a whole container, we handle and move it anywhere in the world, we offer industrial packaging using wood.

Storage services

You can use our storage service for short or long periods, we safeguard documents, household items, commercial cargo or vehicles.

Transport of Works of Art

We move anything from a painting to a museum, we transport across the country or outside it, whether for exhibition, restoration or just transfer ensuring proper packaging and logistics.


We pack fragile items artworks, paintings and glassware. Protect your furniture with woolen blankets and provide transport units safe. The delivery to your new residence includes unpacking and assembling.

Guide to transport
your vehicle.
Important considerations when transporting your vehicle.
a. Make sure your vehicle battery has sufficient charge to retain power for the ride.
b. The fuel tank must be at low levels, less than a quarter.
c. Turn off the alarm because it could drain the battery.
Transport of pets
We understand that your pet is a family member, we also share this idea. For that reason we offer a specialized and quality service including customs and sanitary procedures, a cage in case you require it, air transport, receipt of your pet at the destination and delivery to your residence
Many times the formalities and procedures to settle into a new country are very stressful and sometimes bureaucratic. For this reason, it’s important to receive the appropriate advice from a legal professional; Our team of bilingual lawyers is at your disposal, who can provide support on issues such as weddings, residence formalities, procedures for investors, visas, divorce, employment contracts,
We understand that the location and a new investment in Costa Rica is not always an easy and quick process. That is why we provide a reliable service, with full-time and dedication, to help you fulfill the purchase of that property or successful investment that you have dreamed of.
We know how important education is for your children and for this reason we offer advice according to your new location, as well as guidance of the best colleges, universities and technical colleges. Costa Rica has a high educational level, which benefits the overall development of their children.
Other services
We will advise you to open bank accounts, we can give to you a list of financial institutions, telephone companies and their options, hotels, taxi companies, private drivers, best hospitals and clinics in the country, restaurants and catering.